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The only brand of crossbows built in America from $449 – 1,099. From Safe De-Cocking crossbows to budget-friendly crossbows with built-in cocking devices, wicked ridge crossbows are packed with features that seperate them from all imported crossbows.​

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Why Buy

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De-Cocking Starting at $749.99

Crossbows equipped with the D1 Triggers can be de-cocked after simply With the patented ACUdraw De-Cock, you can remove your hand from the handle at any point and it will stop in place. Or, manually de-cock the crossbow with the Rope-Sled.

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Built-In Cocking Devices

There’s a difference between using a bulky, clamp-on “crank” to cock your crossbow and using a built-in cocking device. Wicked Ridge cocking devices are built-in so you never have to worry about losing or forgetting your cocking device.

Tactical Stock

NEW AR-style adjustable butt stock adds a new level of versatility to the Wicked Ridge lineup and dramatically reduces the overall weight of the crossbow for easy-handling.

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Raider 400 De-Cock
Raider 400

De-Cocking starting at $749.99

Safe De-Cocking at Affordable Price? Yeah, we just did that. Coming in at 6.5 pounds, meet the ultra-light crossbow, the Raider 400 De-Cock.


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Starting at $549 and Built in America, the Rampage XS measures just 31.5” long, shoots 390 feet-per-second, and is the latest Wicked Ridge crossbow to redefine affordable performance.

Equipped with either the XS Stock and ACUdraw cocking device or adjustable Tactical Stock with Rope-Sled


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Equipped with a multi-line scope, 3 ½-pound trigger and shooting 380 feet-per-second, the Blackhawk XT weighs in at a featherweight 6-pounds and is inspected, built, and tested by American workers before ever reaching your hands.

Equipped with either built-in ACUdraw Cocking Device or the built-in ACUdraw 50 Cocking Device.


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Patented ACUdraw de-cock or manual de-cocking

Forget shooting your arrow at the end of the hunt. Forget carrying a target to discharge your bow. Forget damaging arrows.

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Silent Cocking

Silently cock the crossbow with an easy 5-pounds of force using the patented ACUdraw De-Cock, or manually cock the crossbow with the Rope-Sled.


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Simple Operation

If you don’t take a shot, simply push the de-cock button on the trigger box.

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Safe De-Cocking

With the patented ACUdraw
De-Cock, you can remove your hand from the handle at any point and it will stop in place. Or, manually de-cock the crossbow with the Rope-Sled.


built in america

American Built by American Workers

For most hunters, we just made your crossbow obsolete. Wicked Ridge’s NEW 2022 crossbows silently cock and safely de-cock with the revolutionary ACUdraw De-Cock (patent pending) and hit speeds over 400 feet-per-second.

Best affordable crossbow for hunting

Wicked Ridge Crossbows is the place to go if you’re looking for the best affordable crossbow for hunting, and the best affordable crossbows made in the USA that don’t break the bank. If you’ve been searching for “best crossbows for the money”, “best crossbow for the price”, or “best value crossbow”, you’ve come to the right place! Our crossbows are some of the most affordable hunting crossbows on the market, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much for a reliable weapon. Not only do we offer the best crossbows for the money, best crossbows for the price, and the best value crossbows, but we also provide excellent performance—we produce hunting crossbows that offer accuracy and power at an unbeatable price point. That’s why Wicked Ridge Crossbows are considered some of the best affordable crossbow options for any hunter who wants quality and affordability when investing in a crossbow. 

Fury 410 De-Cock

$2,000 WORTH OF FEATURES AT $1,099.​

Safe De-Cocking. Reverse-Draw. Super Short 29-inches Long. Sorry, China.

410 FPS | 9″ WIDE

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Ambush Bowpack

The easiest and most comfortable way to transport your Wicked Ridge crossbow, with space to take everything you need for the hunt.

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Impact Broadhead

100-grain, 2-blade, rear-deploying design delivers a devastating 2” cut and huge blood trails.


to our customers

As we embark on our 29th year in business, our two guiding principles – Family Owned & Operated and Made in America – have never been stronger. In October, I announced the promotion of my two sons, Phil and Steve, to CEO and COO, marking the third generation of Bednars to lead our company in building the highest quality, most accurate, and safest crossbows in the world.

Every day, we stand proud as the ONLY Family-Owned Crossbow company. We stand proud to be the ONLY crossbows under $1,300 to be Built in America. And we stand proud to employ over 100 employees right here in Mogadore, Ohio.

Our commitment to these principles ensures that the most important decisions are made by hunters who dream of chilly November sits, not by board members crunching numbers in the executive office. Simply put, from ownership, to management, to skilled employees, we are bowhunters and hunting is our passion. And, while that may make November vacation schedules a challenge, we believe passionate bowhunters design, engineer and build better crossbows than those who aren’t involved in the sport or who have moved operations overseas.

From the fastest crossbows in the world and compact hunting systems to safe de-cocking crossbows and budget-friendly crossbows, our 2023 lineup has a crossbow for everyone, and we look forward to sharing in your success this year.

Good Hunting,

For beginner or experienced shooter

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter, Wicked Ridge Crossbows has something to fit your needs and budget. For those looking for an affordable crossbow without compromising on quality, Wicked Ridge Crossbows is the perfect option. So if you’re looking for the best crossbows for the money, best crossbow for the price, and the best value crossbow, look no further than Wicked Ridge Crossbows. Of the many crossbow options to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs from our large selection of the best affordable crossbows made in the USA. As makers of the best affordable crossbows for hunting, it’s easy to find a reliable weapon at an affordable price.